Holiday Feast: Porchetta Roast from Tails & Trotters

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Last month I attended an event put on by Little Green Pickle and Portland Bloggers where I had the privelege to not only meet Mark from Tails & Trotters, but try his delicious food as well. The evening was filled with extrodinary cousine from Olympic Provisions, Besaws, Departure, but Tails & Trotters left me intrigued and wanting more.

Inspired by the regional cured hams of Europe, Tails & Trotters is the Pacific Northwet's first signature pork producer developed from pork finished on local hazelnuts. Studies have determined that pigs fattened on nuts produce meat with a higher percentage of healthy fats, as well as increase the flavor in both the fat and the meat.

Local Haven Tails Trotters.JPG
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This porchetta roast, boneless belly and loin stuffed with sausage, would be an excellent main course for any holiday dinner. Make it easy on yourself and pick up a roast at Tails & Trotters, all of the work will be done and you will be guarenteed a wonderful meal. Per their recomendations, I served the porchetta roast alongside salsa verde, made of parsley, scallions and capers, which helped balance the richness of the meat.

Post sponsored by Tails & Trotters. All thoughts and opinions are my own.