snow adventures

Local Haven Tree Day 2.JPG

Over the weekend we braved the cold 5 degree weather and headed out to find our Christmas tree. Normally we make a big adventure out of it, heading out into the woods, wear Jake proceeds to cut down the largest tree he can find. This normally ends in him having to cut off an extra 6 feet in order to get it into the house. But because of the weather, we decided to make things a little more simple and go to a local tree farm. They even had cookies and brownies! My kind of tree farm. 

We didn't stay out long, everyone was completely frozen. Hudson is not so sure of this white stuff. He just keeps saying "brr mama, brr". We bundled him up so much that when he fell over, he couldn't even get up, and boy did that make him mad! 

The rest of the day we drank hot cocoa, listened to Christmas music and decorated the tree. And Lola has not stopped decorating the tree since. Every time I turn around the tree is bare and she is re-hanging all of the ornaments. Hudson on the other hand, simply likes to remove all of the ornaments and throw them as far as he can. Boys.

Next up, convincing Jake to hang our outside lights....we'll see. 

Local Haven Tree Day 4.JPG
Local Haven Tree Day 3.JPG
Local Haven Tree Day.JPG