Weekend Notes

Mount Adams.png

Saturday Jake and I packed up the car, left the kids behind and headed east. As most of you probably know, the gorge is filled with outstanding wineries, but yet had I been to any in Lyle, WA. I promised to go camping for the night with Jake only if he promised to take me wine tasting first, it was a good deal.

Our first stop was at COR Cellars. I loved this place. The setting is outstanding up on the hillside with views of the Columbia River. And the wine, oh the wine, was so good. Every one we tried, we loved. I was ready to stay all day, but Jake kindly reminded me that we had camping to get to, we bought a few bottles of wine and off we went. Our next stop was at Syncline Wines. The Picpoul from the Yakima Valley was hands down my favorite. But honestly, they were all so good.

After our wineries we headed towards the Klickitat River and set up camp. Went for a hike. Took a nap (without kids, this was a must). Went for more hikes. Cooked Cornish game hens over the fire stuffed with dates and wrapped with bacon. Fantastic. They weren't done until 9pm, but well worth the wait.

Loved getting away for the night, I came back so refreshed and anxious to see Lola and Hudson.

What did you do this weekend?

Ashley Marti