friday favorites

friday favorites 5.24.jpeg

In approximately 7 hours we will be kid free until Monday! Later today we will be heading to Portland for the long weekend to celebrate our 8 year anniversary. A relaxing weekend is just what we need. I can't wait to check out Lardo on the Eastside, have you been? I have heard great things. Other than that we have planned...the farmers market, Olympic Provisions, nap, go to a movie, nap, The Bent Brick, Urban Waxx (for me, not Jake!), and the Nike Employee Store (thanks Sarah!). What do you have planned for Memorial Day weekend?

Here is my Friday favorites list. Happy Weekend! xxoo

oh, and be sure to check out my rhubarb muffin recipe in The Columbian

BBQ season, how good do these look!

Whole Wheat  Apricot Crostata

barre3 online workout free for 7 days, do it, you will love it! (promo 7daysbarre3)

favorite new kale salad (I used pine nuts in place of coconut, only because I didn't have coconut)

JOIE shoes are my favorite, love these, these and these!

10 Ways to Put a Muffin Pan to Good Use, brilliant!

guacamole with mango and pomegranate seeds, yum

love this free people dress