Weekend Notes

5.6 weekend notes.JPG

Summer is that you? It sure feels like it and I am totally ok with that. Temperature was in the high 80's all weekend and is going to remain the same for the next several days. Hello sunscreen!

We had a lot of fun and did a lot of nothing this weekend. So basically. It was perfect! 

Saturday started off with the best green smoothie I have ever had, key ingredient, mint! Later in the day we attended a birthday party at the local park, followed up by a cucumber-lime margarita and then a early dinner at Everybody's Brewing. They have the best outdoor seating on their deck with views of the Columbia and Mount Hood. You can't beat that.

Sunday I woke up early, or more specifically, Hudson woke up early. It turned out to be alright as I was able to jump start my day with a early morning workout. I headed to town and climbed/tempted to run (ugh) the stairs. Best part was the walk down to the river, where the view never gets old. Lunch was a giant salad, sweet potato, cumin, quinoa, black beans, greens, feta cheese, egg and sriracha. So good and SO filling. The rest of the day was spent on the deck drinking rhubarb margaritas. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

PS. check out the awesome prints that I ordered of Lola and Hudson's birth information. Jessica has this cute shop on Etsy, Baby In The Rain, where she personalizes your information for prints, birth announcements and much more. Be sure to check it out!

Happy Monday, xxoo.