Pros VS Joes

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Last week I was invited to judge at the Kettle Brand Potato Chips Cook-Off, Pros VS. Joes. Snooth, an amazing wine resource, was hosting the event at The Loft on Belmont in Portland. And really, how could I say no to a night of chips and wine!

The competition consisted of 4 Pros recipes and 4 Joes recipes each using Kettle Brand Potato Chips. The first competition was held in New York earlier in the week. The second being in Portland and the winner to be announced in LA. During the tasting we did not know which recipe was a pro or a joe. And overall, they were all pretty great. Some of the highlights for me were the, Kettle Brand Zesty Ranch Potato Chips Crusted Eggplant Dippers with Marinara Sauce and the Fully Loaded Baked Potato Chips with Candied Bacon, Sour Cream, Chive, Eggplant and Sharp Cheese.

Who knew there were so many great flavors of Kettle Brand Chips? Maple Bacon. Sweet + Salty. Spicy Thai. Honey Dijon. Cheddar Beer. Jalapeno Jack. So many more. And my personal favorite, Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper. They also make a great collection of "Baked" chips as well as "Tias" chips.

The event really showed off the unique ways you can incorporate chips into your food whether it be for a party appetizer, Super Bowl Sunday, or even your dinner. Chips don't always have to be paired up with dip, even though really, you can't go wrong with that. Because of the great flavors that Kettle Brand creates, there is a lot of versatility of what the chip can do.

Here are a few of the recipes from the night.

Cheddar Beer Kettle Crusted Smoked Pork Loin
Kettle Brand Jalapeno Potato Chips Crusted Quiche
Zesty Ranch Potato Chips Crusted Eggplant Dippers with Marinara Sauce
Spicy-Mochico Chicken crusted with Kettle Brand Red Chili Potato Chips

So great to also meet some other Portland Bloggers during the event. Like Sarah from Will Run for Pasta. And Bee from The Spicy Bee. Erika from A Tiny Rocket. And Jenni from A Well Crafted Party.

If you are a wine lover be sure to check out Snooth's website. You will find a great way to discover new wines, hear about events in your area, and best of all be able to find the best deals on wine.

Thank you Snooth and Kettle Brand Chips for a fantastic night.