WildCraft Studio School


This week I had the privilege of meeting Chelsea Heffner, the founder of WildCraft Studio School. She showed me around the property and studio, where the setting is truly amazing, placed on the hills above White Salmon, Washington.

Chelsea, also a teacher at The Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, moved to White Salmon with a dream and a vision. She created this beautiful studio where students can come to practice bringing nature to their work through, craft, art and design.  

WildCraft Studio School is not your average school. Depending on your class you can expect to take a light hike, walk through her garden gathering plants and flowers for your dye, eat a wonderful lunch, craft herbal medicine, spend your drawing class outside in the forest, manipulate fabrics by printing and painting your own pattern on them, and learn organic farming practices.

The studio has knitting machines, clay tables, screenprinting shop, floor looms, kiln, a very large and beautiful veggie/dye/medicinal garden, and a very impressive outdoor bread oven.

Whether you live locally in the Columbia Gorge or in Portland, WildCraft Studio School is something you need to see.

Please be sure to check out their class schedule here.  I will be attending The Color of Place: Natural Dyes from Weeds & Wilds of the Columbia Gorge. I'm looking forward to taking the weekend for myself while attending this class. But next time, it would be fun to do attend with girlfriends or a mother/daughter day.

I would love to take a Medicinal Herbs & Apothecary class, as well as, screen printing and printing/painting on fabric. Really, they all sound pretty amazing.

Come join me!