Flow Yoga // week 2


I announced last week that I have partnered up with Flow Yoga for a new weekly series. So now here it is, my week 2 update!

Ok, but before I get into the classes, I wanted to share something. I have a problem with being able to relax. Like a real problem. I can't do it. My head is always filled with to-do lists. Whether that be for the kids activities, or a work project, planning meals, balancing the check book, or some new DIY that I want to try. I don't stop. Jake can't stand it. Which I understand. Even when the kids are off at their grandparents, my idea of a good time is, how much can I get done while they are gone. What happened to me? Well, kids happened to me (sorry Lola and Hudson), but its true. I think things got REAL once Hudson was born. So now, doing this new program, isn't just for the physical benefits, it's for the mental one's as well. I need this. And you want to know what? After that first class, I felt it. I felt it about 10 minutes into the class. I was relaxed. I was sweating all over my mat, but I was relaxed. All I was thinking about was that class, what the instructor was saying, and what I was doing. And that never happens. I left class that day completely refreshed, and I was a better mom for it.

Now onto the classes....

This last week I took 2 "Flow Yoga" classes both taught by the lovely Lora. Flow is a more active style of yoga that helps improve strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. For years I have heard people mention that yoga does not give them the cardiovascular workout that they need. I'm not sure what style of yoga they were practicing because "flow yoga" had my heart racing, my body shaking, and left me sore for days. I absolutely loved it. The class was the perfect level of difficulty for what I was looking for. I can see myself signing up for this class at least twice a week.

Along with "Flow Yoga" I also took 2 "Hot Yoga" classes. Now in the past, hot yoga was what I practiced, well actually, it's the only yoga I practiced. So I thought I would be slightly prepared. But truthfully, I don't think anything can really prepare you for this class. Now don't get me wrong, I actually really like it. But it is intense. The class is a blend of Hot 26 and Vinyasa Yoga. The class focuses on opening the hips, shoulders and spine as well as strengthening your core and upper body. Luckily they play some pretty great music during class, which I often times need during hard workouts. I wasn't as sore after Hot Yoga as I was after both of my Flow Yoga classes. Possibly due to the heat benefits? I'm not sure. At this point, I probably prefer Flow Yoga compared to Hot Yoga, but I will keep giving it a chance.

Next week, I'm excited to be trying out several of their Mind Body Classes. Fly, Fusion, and Cycle Training. Excited, yet really nervous. I have never taken any of those classes, so it will definitely be a challenge!

I am thinking about showing weekly pictures of my body, possibly with measurements. Showing my progress (better be progress) and body changes. Is that weird? Or would you find that helpful?

I would love to know, how do you make time for fitness with your busy schedule? Because honestly, I think that can be the biggest struggle for me. Making the time. Which is why I think signing up for classes the past two weeks has really helped me out. Once I sign up, I don't want to "cancel". I would love some of your tips on staying healthy and active when life can get crazy.