Hudson's Room


For those of you who don't know, this is Hudson. He is one cool dude. And here is his bedroom. As you can see, it is not your typical baby boy bedroom with pastels and teddy bears. Because frankly, that isn't Hudson (and for sure not me). His room is a mix of his unique personality. My boy is sweet, funny, and a bit wild!


Setting up his room has been a process for some time. I prefer to collect pieces along the way instead of doing one big shopping trip (like this feather cup from Moorea Seal). I knew that with his white furniture, I wanted the walls to be a dark contrast. And I love how it turned out. Because he has so many white pieces in his room, it was important to add some color. Which is why I couldn't be more happy with the blanket from CARLYMEGAN. Everything about it is perfect. It is big enough to still wrap him up for bed. The organic fabric is soft and lightweight. And talk about color, how cool! This blanket is one of my favorite elements in Hudson's room. That and his feather crib sheets, also from CARLYMEGAN. I'm sort of obsessed with feathers. I would totally have these sheets on my bed.

Please, please check out Carly's cute etsy shop. She makes really unique and simple items. I love all of her patterns and colors, plus she is awesome at letting you special order, which is how we came up with his rad blanket!


Since my boy is a book lover, it was important to make sure and have his books and reading chair near by.  (Remember this chair, it was a DIY from earlier this summer. So easy.) Want another fun DIY? I followed this video on how to make Hudson's yarn pom poms. My new favorite thing!

Overall, I am really happy with how the room turned out. There are still some tweaks to be made, but all-in-all, we think it's pretty cool.

*special thanks to my husband and father-in-law for making it all happen. your patience and muscle are very much appreciated!


Organic Blanket: CARLYMEGAN
Hudson's Vest: Camp Wolf (launching 9/15
Feather Cup: Moorea Seal