Lola turns 5

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Over the weekend my little girl turned 5. We celebrated with friends and family with a gymnastics party on Saturday. She had a great time playing with her school friends and cousins. And on Monday morning the birthday girl woke up to chocolate chip pancakes at her request. We had a great day, and luckily Jake had the day off to spend with us. Lola and Jake went for an adventure walk in the morning, which really meant that Lola took her baby stroller and new American Girl doll with them so really, they circled the driveway. Not really what Jake had in mind, but it was what the birthday girl wanted, so that's what she got. Later in the day we headed towards the water and packed our bikes and scooters. Followed up by dinner and ice cream sundaes. 

The fact that she is 5 blows my mind. The day she was born was my biggest life changing moment. And everyday this girl teaches me about patience, love, and the act of kindness. I could not be more proud of her. Happy birthday sweet girl. 

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Ashley Martilola, birthday