Persimmon, Fig, + Pear Tarts, a Holiday Appetizer

Last week I talked about my new love for puff pastry, as it really is the most amazing go-to for last minute meals, and especially quick appetizers. Basically, this entire month as been running off of last minute everything. Between running late for school, projects being late, bills past due, it has been a constant stress of a month. Which frankly, makes me sad. I love December, I want to love December. But it brings so much stress between the holidays, obligations, parties, work, school events, and especially the cost. So over the last few weeks, our dinners have been quick and easy. A lot of one-pot meals, a few breakfasts for dinners, and lots of savory tarts with salad. 

I recently shared this recipe with The Fruit Company, and you can find the recipe here. This works great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizer, any meal, any time. I gave a few suggestions on my favorite combinations, with persimmons and goat cheese, pears with blue cheese, lots of black pepper, some salt, and a little thyme. Play around with this, add meat, try some honey drizzled over top, or add a little balsamic. Enjoy!