Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail with Doug Fir Syrup, for The Baking Bird

I am currently in Portland hopping between different Christmas gatherings for the next 4 days, and officially on holiday vacation! It is great being in Portland, visiting with friends and family, but I cannot wait to come home Monday morning and hang out with my kids, before Christmas arrives, and is over. This month has been hard. A lot of projects, some great, some not great. I feel I haven't been the best mother, wife, business owner, friend, you name it. Stretched myself to thin and because of it I felt like everything I did, was just mediocre. Taking a vacation and spending time with my family is something I need, desperately. I hope you all enjoy a wonderful holiday, and I cannot wait to come back refreshed and show you all of the exciting new things to come in 2015.

But before I go, I leave you with one last cocktail recipe of 2014. Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail with Doug Fir Syrup, very Pacific Northwest of me. A few weekends ago Jake and I walked our property in the woods, cocktail in hand, and it came to me, Doug Fir, Cocktails, why not combine the too. And what goes perfect with a woodsy syrup, bourbon of course. I made this cocktail for the always lovely Kylie creator of The Baking Bird. Her blog is filled with the most incredible photos and beautiful recipe combinations like, this Triple Rum Black Pepper Bundt Cake,  or these Apricot Pistachio Cardamom Bars. And of course, this St. Germain Grapefruit Margarita.

Click here for the Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail with Doug Fir Syrup. Note, pine would works great too, for a Doug Fir substitute. Cheers!

Ashley Marti