bkr bottle giveaway

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Ever since I got my first bkr glass water bottle I have been completely obsessed. Is it weird that I like drinking more water because of my new bottle? Maybe, but who cares! I'm honestly, easily drinking 10 bottles a day. Which is such an improvement from the 2-3 glasses of water I was drinking. 

Fun facts about bkr:
Why a glass water bottle?A. Glass is super fly, in every way. It's better for your body and the earth. It's chemically inert; it doesn't alter the taste of its contents and doesn't allow any unsafe chemicals to leach and make you sick. And it's is a fully recyclable material. It can be recycled endlessly and recovered glass is used as the majority ingredient in new glass containers. And without question, everything tastes better out of glass.

Why the silicone sleeve?A. bkr's silicone sleeve is perfectly soft and grippy -- and non-toxic. It protects the glass, insultates whatever's inside it, is dishwasher safe, clean, beautiful, and minimal. Silicone is also 100% recyclable. You can find specialty recycling centers, or mail it back to us and we'll recycle it for you.

I would love to know, how do you manage to drink the recommended 8+ cups a water a day? Comment below and one of you will win this bkr 500mL glass water bottle in Storm! Giveaway ends this Sunday at 5pm PST. This giveaway has ended. I absolutely loved hearing everyone's suggestions! You have me so motivated. LAUREN KODIAK you won! Thank you for everyone who participated. 

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