Online workouts with barre3


Have you guys heard of barre3? I am completely obsessed. Side note, this is NOT a sponsored post, I have genuine love for barre3. Sadly we don't have a studio in our city, but I try to go every chance I get when I'm in Portland. Lucky for me, they have the most amazing online workouts. A variety of different videos, focusing on whole body, arms, butt, you name it. You can also select a video on how much time you really have. Even though I would love to give it more time, some days all I have is 10 minutes, and they have a 10 minute video! 

For me, barre3 is the best form of exercise for my body. I have a bad back (childbirth, ugh) and these workouts really help strengthen and lengthen my muscles. It doesn't take much time to see the results. Honestly, it is my favorite workout. The workout is hard, I cuss often, but in the end my body feels great, more toned.

With their online selection, I love the convenience of being able to workout from home. When I drive to the gym it takes me 30 minutes to get there, plus another 30 coming home. So for me, online workouts are the way to go. I'm not wasting time in my car when I could be simply working out, playing with my kids, or making dinner.

What are your favorite workouts to do from home? Am I the only one that does squats while I brush teeth or push ups while I wait for my coffee? Hey, I'm a busy working mom, I have to squeeze in a workout whenever possible. 

I would love to know your go-to workouts, whether from home or at the gym. In the mean time, use this coupon and try barre3 online workouts for free.