Friday Favorites + Food Styling Workshop

Oh happy Friday! Well, sort of. Lola has been sick this week and I'm pretty sure that being sick on a Friday is the most depressing thing to happen. Bad cough, congestion, glazed over eyes. It is incredibly hard watching your child not feel well. And why is it so hard to convince them to stay in bed all day and watch movies. Literally, it has been a fight. Sign me up for a day of staying in bed with Netflix. I could go without the sick thing though. 

Hope you have a great (sick free) weekend. Here are a few, actually a lot, it's been awhile, of my Friday favorites. PS, GO SEAHAWKS!

Oh! and before I forget, as there are only a few seats left, I'm teaching a workshop at the beautiful Elder Hall on Sunday, March 8th. I'll be focusing on teaching storytelling through food, styling and photography. Discussing my creative process on shooting in natural daylight, incorporating props, and composition. The workshop will end with a seasonal meal prepared by Jason French, Chef & Owner of Ned Ludd & Elder Hall. Each student will receive hi resolution images of their work as well as a Mazama mug, Kiriko linen and Smith Tea. Come, create, eat! 

I recently received Amy Chaplin's new book, and it's simply gorgeous. 

The prettiest cake. And this one too. 

This Walnut Cake Stand is pretty incredible. 

My favorite blog for the best salads, ever. 

Brown Butter Apple Tart. 

Potato Latkes, on my list to make! 

I'm attending a fish curing and vodka infusion class! And I want to attend all the other events happening too.

I want to make these

After years of researching and pondering, I invested in a Vitamix. She's a beast. 

Winter is hard, let's play games. 

One of my favorite bloggers is writing a book. And one of my other favorite bloggers did write a book and it's absolutely perfect, every recipe. 

I recently received this Staub Round Cocotte in graphite, it's dreamy. And how cute are these mini cocottes!

Oh the menu this weekend, these enchiladas with lime cream

Wish list find. 

We made these crispy tofus, they are perfect. 

 Flourless Chocolate and Red Wine Swedish Cake, enough said. 

Theses Chicken and Black Bean Nachos would be perfect for this Sunday. Oh, and these nachos