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Felt + Fat


As Local Haven has continued to grow throughout the years, I’ve had the fortune to work with many talented artists. To create photography that stands out, as a creative director, I spend much of my time working with artist prior to a shoot in finding the right items and props that coincides with the story being. Styling food for a client is about the food, but it is also about the other things you see in the photo like the décor, utensils, and ceramics.

I've had the pleasure to work with ceramics from Felt + Fat based out of Philadelphia, and feature their pieces in several cookbook and editorial shoots. With a lot of great ceramics out there on the market, the thing that always keeps me coming back to Felt + Fat is their impeccable way of making “simple” pieces look so damn cool. Solid colors, fun shapes, and high, high quality. Felt + Fan, you have a fan and customer for life.



Nate Mell, co-founder of Felt + Fat with Wynn Bauer, answered a few questions for me.

1.What is your morning routine?

Wake up, put on water and grind beans for a french press, make some breakfast, usually some sort of egg sandwich or oatmeal, depending on the season. My coffee / breakfast is a pretty important start, gotta have some energy for the start of the day.

2.Favorite city?

Aside from Philly, Melbourne Australia. I lived in Australia for 3 years and that was my favorite place. Amazing creative energy and culture.

3.Describe your studio vibe.

The studio vibe is generally pretty chill. The studio techs are usually in control of the music which can range from hip hop to obscure 70s pop. There are always many activities happening at once, always something to do!

4.What is your best seller? 

Our best seller is probably our share plate in one of our neutral tones like satin / slate / pigeon / grey marble.

5.What do you wish was your best seller?

I really like our small trays in just about any finish, they are really versatile for food service or around the house. I use one as a caddy for soap and miscellaneous items in the bathroom.

6.Favorite song? 

Currently, anything from Chance the Rapper or Run the Jewels. Overall, I really love the Tiger Milk Album by Belle & Sebastian. I don't think I can just give one song.

7. What food do you secretly still love because of nostalgic ties to your childhood?

I don't do fast food in general, it always makes me feel like garbage. On rare occasion though, I will still get hard shell tacos and chips with Queso from Taco Bell, my dad used to take my brother and I out there after church on good weeks. Something about that perfect chemical cheese.

8.Do you say Soda or Pop?


9.What are you working on next?

We are working on a really fun collaborative project at Canal Street Market in November with our friends Asher Israelow / Chiaozza / High Gloss / Emily Daley / Forge&Finish. Announcements on that will be coming in the next week or two....

10.You are in a dive bar, what do you order?

It's likely the El Bar and it's a City Wide: Pabst tall boy and a heaven hill shot. 


Thank you Nate Mell and Felt + Fat !

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