Marshall's Haute Sauce // Portland Creamery // Masala Pop


On Wednesday night a group of us were invited to a happy hour put on by Marshall's Haute Sauce, Portland Creamery and Masala Pop. In Marshall's kitchen, they served us with drinks and all of their amazing food made from each of their products.

Basically I have not stopped thinking about all of the food. Portland Creamery generously gave me a bottle of their Artisan Goat Caramel. Oh my is it good. And there are so many was to eat it. This morning I drizzled it over my coffee. For lunch, I spread goat cheese on some crackers and topped it off with the caramel. And their Oregon Chevre goat cheese, was unforgettable.

I left with a bottle of Red Chili Lime Haute Sauce, and it just might be one of the best hot sauces I have tried. Tonight I used it with our corn flour shredded pork tacos with feta cheese and red chili lime sauce. It was the perfect combination of spicy with a touch of sweet from the honey. Marshall's Haute Sauce values the importance of buying local ingredients. I cannot wait to buy more, next on my list, Serrano Ginger Lemongrass and Smoked Habanero Barbeque.

Now, this was my first time trying Masala Pop. They use organic popcorn, make it in small batches and add exotic flavors of India. What an awesome idea. Only in Portland! My favorites of the night were Saffron Rose with Sea Salt and Saag Paneer Cheese Popcorn. The only regret of the night, forgetting to buy a bag of this awesome snack.


These three companies invited me to their happy hour for a free tasting. All thoughts and opinions are my own.