Apple, Almond + Mint Quinoa Salad

TFC Apple Almond Quinoa Salad 4.PNG

I don't know about you, but I almost love a fall salad more than a summer salad. Between the squash and the beets, to the apples and the pears, you can easily load your greens up and make a fairly hearty salad. In this salad, I combined these gorgeous pink apples, with thinly sliced almonds, creamy goat cheese, micro greens, mint and a plentiful amount of quinoa. It was fresh, citrusy and amazingly filling.

For the recipe, check it out on The Fruit Company Blog.


TFC Apple Almond Quinoa Salad 2.PNG
TFC Apple Almond Quinoa Salad 6.PNG
TFC apple Almond Quinoa Salad 5.PNG