caramel apple kits // fall fun


Over the weekend the 4 of us had some fun getting ready for Halloween. We received this awesome Caramel Apple Kit from The Fruit Company. It came with 6 large Granny Smith apples, caramels, candy and nut toppings and little wooden sticks. The apples were relatively easy to make, some turning out a little prettier then others, who knew Jake would be the best caramel apple decorator.

Lola loved shoving the sticks in the apples, dipping them into the caramel and then putting as much candy on them as she could. Hudson simply loved to eat them, although he could barely hold the apples they were so big.

It was a really fun activity for us all to do. Next up, decorating pumpkins! 


We do not eat a lot of candy in our house. Lola was pretty excited.


Hudson could barely hold it, but that most definitely did not slow him down.


The Fruit Company provided me with the Caramel Apple Kit. All thoughts and opinions are my own.