Weekend Notes


The weekend is over and it is Monday, again. New week, new day, and lots to get done. But first, a little on our weekend...

My best friend Meaghan met us in Portland for the weekend. Although the weekend was busy, we were still able to get away and enjoy some drinks with friends. Saturday was Hudson's party and luckily the weather was sunny. Many family members and friends were able to help us celebrate and we had a great time. On Sunday we celebrated my Mom's 60th birthday with brunch at The Heathman Restaurant. The food was excellent, although I ate a bit too much, which happens quite often at brunch. It's nice to be home, but overall, a wonderful weekend!

Papa Hudson.png
Hudson presents.JPG
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Hudson cupcake.JPG
Hudson eating.png

Oeuf Mollet & Rib Florentine. Julia Child's favorite egg recipe (or so they say), eggs, spinach, mornay sauce with braised beef short rib

Ashley Marti