Weekend Notes

7.1 Dog Mountain.png

Could it be any hotter out? We barely survived. It's hard to complain about the heat when we get so much rain during the year, but when my thermometer says 106 degrees, that is too much!

The kids were at their grandparents this weekend. My best friend from Seattle came down to hang out. Friday night we went to Pfriem Brewers in Hood River. The beer is great, food is amazing and the setting is right on the Columbia River. Pretty perfect. Saturday we woke up early. Really, could I not just sleep in one morning while my kids were gone? We jumped in the car and headed out for a hike. Have you climbed Dog Mountain? Wow. The view is amazing. You can see up and down the entire Gorge. This however, is quite the hike. And when I say quite the hike, I may or may not have shed a tear or two from the intensity. But we did it!

The rest of the day we were pretty wiped out. After some serious lounging we headed out to my favorite local brewery in White Salmon, Everybody's. The beer is always good and the view of Mount Hood isn't too bad either. Sunday, thank you again Meaghan, we went cherry picking. Sadly due to the weather, about 80% of the cherries have been affected by the weather. In less than an hour we picked 18 pounds of cherries. Some of them might be split, but they taste amazing. If you have never u-picked, I highly suggest it. A great way to support your local farms.

I might be a little bit sore from the hike, ok, my butts on fire. But it was a great weekend!

Happy Monday!