seattle days

7.11 ferris wheel.JPG

Yes, we are finally home! We were on the road for the past two weeks, first in Portland and then in beautiful Seattle. It was great to see lots of friends and family over the past few weeks, but I am definitely ready to get back to our routine. Hotel living, not so great with kids. Hudson wakes up around 5am everyday, EVERYDAY. Now this can be painful, yet manageable at home, but in a hotel, with a 4 year old sleeping near by, and let's not forget about all of the other guests in the rooms right next to yours, this isn't fun. So for the past week, at 5am of course, I put Hudson in his stroller, hit up the local coffee shop, and walked until it was a reasonable hour to return. Oh the joys of having early rising kids. Small bonus, with the steep hills in downtown Seattle, I was done with my workout every morning by 6am.

Over our stay we went to the Aquarium, Science Center, several breweries and the water front (yes, every touristy thing you can imagine, but Lola loved it). Our last night was spent at the Mariners vs. Red Sox game. And being big Boston fans, we were pretty bummed out by the loss. Oh well, still a great night, and a pretty amazing vacation.