weekend notes

7.15 river.JPG

It's 9am and this Monday is already up and going with my blueberry mint jam processing for the PDX food swap this coming weekend. PDX food swap meets seasonally where locals gather to share and exchange handcrafted foods. I am beyond thrilled to not only be attending, but participating in such a cool event. This week will be spent in the kitchen preserving all of my goods from our garden and CSA. So far, here is the list. Blueberry mint jam. Pickled garlic scapes. Pickled cherries. Blueberry basil jam. Pickled peas. Dilled carrots. And lemon and pink grapefruit marmalade. Here's to hoping I get everything done!

A little bit about my weekend...
Saturday I drove to Portland to attend the Pacific Northwest Blogger Photo and Craft Event. Had my photo taken and got crafty with some other local bloggers. We painted these weekend tote's, final product up later this week. Chelsey from The Paper Mama taught a hanging plant craft with succulents. And Jenni from A Well Crafted Party demonstrated how to easily make food markers for your next party. Overall, fun day in the sun eating snacks, being creative and chatting it up.

The rest of the weekend was spent taking advantage of our amazing town in this warm summer weather, in the river of course. My kids could have stayed at the river and park all day, and we practically did!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Happy Monday.