PDX Food Swap


Yesterday I attended  the PDX Food Swap  in Portland and had a great time. This was my first food swap and will definitely not be my last.

Over the last few weeks I have been busy canning goods based off of our CSA box supply, our garden and my in-laws amazing garden. I focused on a few jams and lots of pickled goods. Dilled carrots. Pickled garlic scapes. Pickled cherries with rosemary. And pickled snap peas. On the day of the event, you show up with your home-made items, set up a spot, and start checking out what others have made. After about 30 minutes or so, offers begin and then comes the fun, trading and negotiating. I was quite happy with the items I traded for. Some of my favorites are pickled red onions, apricot grapefruit jam, marinated mushrooms, pickled garlic, rosemary thyme mustard, spicy walnuts and sriracha sea salt. Which is really just brilliant. Some items I wish I got, roasted tomato salsa, home cured bacon, smoked paprika sea salt and spicy dills.

Even though this was my first food swap, they are fairly common in most cities and I highly recommend you check them out. These swaps meet seasonally where you can exchange a variety of homemade, homebrewed, and preserved goods. If canning is not your thing, no problem. Some other items that were there, infused alcohol, baked breads, lip balm, popcorn brittle, pestos, and look at that cake!

Thank you PDX Food Swap, I had an amazing time.