the balancing act


Before Hudson was born my world revolved around Lola. We did everything together. She was not my side-kick, I was hers. And I loved it. When I got pregnant with Hudson I had a hard time trying to wrap my head around how I could love someone just as much as I love Lola. I know that it happens (it obviously has happened). But at the time being I worried, did Lola and I have that special connection that I might not share with Hudson? And the answer is, no.

Hudson is the complete opposite of Lola. He is always on the go. A bit wild at times. Loves to snuggle for 15 minutes after every nap (a moment I look forward to everyday). And laughs more than any baby I know.

I love having a boy and a girl, especially with their different personalities. There is never a dull moment in this house. But what I do miss and struggle with, is the one-on-one time I use to cherish with Lola. It was her and I everyday, shopping, cooking, going to the park, and story times. I want to make sure that she still gets this, and I need for Hudson to have that time as well. We have started to plan out "Lola time" and "Hudson time". It might sound sad that it has to be planned, but right now that's what we have to do, and its working. Lola and I like to cook and bake together. Or on the weekends we head downtown, grab a smoothie and walk to the park on the river. I love the stories she tells. I am completely fascinated by her creative mind and appreciate this new time we have together.

Hudson and I recently discovered our shared love for blueberries. We sat outside the other morning, for close to an hour, picking (well, eating) blueberries. He pointed at everything, I would tell him stories, and we would laugh.

I would love to know, how do you balance your time between your kids? What sort of activities do you do? And how did you adjust from one child to two?

Hudson's T-shirt is from the unbelievably talented Aleisha June Art, also shown on the kids here. Her products are truly unique and the best part is, they wash up beautifully.

Those cute sunglasses leggings are from Sugarlime Lane. I wanted to love these, because really, look at them, they are cute! The designer makes really fun kids clothes with awesome patterns. After reading about them on Sweet Little Peanut, I was really excited to try them. But Hudson has worn them only once and now both of the knees have faded. They are no longer a dark grey, but almost a very light gray. Possibly it was just the one pair? I want to hope so. Have you tried Sugarlime Lane? What brands do you love for your active guys?