Flow Yoga // New Weekly Series


Ok, it's real talk time. I have been struggling with losing the last 5 pounds of baby weight for what feels like an eternity now. After Lola was born the weight came off fast and so that was my expectation with Hudson as well. That just hasn't been the case. Right after he was born I lost the majority of the weight I had gained, I was pleased. But then it took months to lose 5 pounds and now even longer to lose this last 5 pounds. It's not the actual weight that bothers me, its that I just don't feel as fit and strong as I once was.

This year has been busy, moving, adjusting to our new town, and simply getting more adapted going from 1 child to 2. I just haven't been able to make the time that I need to make my fitness a priority. Every day it gets bumped to the bottom of the list. Cleaning the house, working, kids activities, cooking, all rank above working out. As I thought, that is how you should prioritize. House, family, meal time, are the priorities. And don't get me wrong, they are, but as I have went from being a mother to 1 to now a mother to 2, I have realized now more than ever, that I (mom time) need to be a priority. I am a better mother and wife when I have had the time I need to clear my head, sweat out any stresses I am carrying, and simply relax.

I have decided to get back to some fitness classes every week. Normally my workouts consist of weekly hikes, barre3 home workouts, and chasing the kids around. And I love those activities, but I also don't get that "me time" that I need. I took yoga (hot yoga) and pilates classes pretty regularly while living in Portland. I always enjoyed my classes and felt like I was getting a great workout. But I didn't always love the studios or particularly the instructors. These classes can be very intimidating already. Constantly looking around comparing yourself to the other students. And most likely getting discouraged.

On Saturday morning I woke up early (thank you Hudson) and headed to Flow Yoga for a "flow yoga" class. I was a little bit nervous to get back into the program. But lucky for me, my teacher was awesome! And I didn't realize how much I needed this class until I was there, in the middle of it, sweating...a lot. As I mentioned I am eager to get my body stronger, but as I left class, my mind was clear, I had a smile on my face, I was excited to see the kids and start the day. It was so much more than a great work out. And I can't wait for Hot Yoga tonight.

PS. for those of you that think yoga is not much a physical workout, ha! Recently I hiked Dog Mountain (bucket list, check!). This is a no joke hike. And yet, after my yoga class on Saturday, I was 10x more sore than after that hike. Yoga targets every muscle you have. So go, give it a try!

I am beyond thrilled to be partnering with Flow Yoga in Hood River for a new weekly series. Each week I will update you on my progress, the classes I am taking, and the benefits, both physically and emotionally.

They offer a wide variety of yoga classes:
Core Flow
Hot Dynamic Flow
Power Hour
Alignment Yoga
Basic Yoga
Yoga for 50+
Yin Yoga
Pregnancy Yoga
Mommy and Me
YogaFit Kids (Lola had yoga classes at her old school, she is thrilled to start again)

Beyond yoga, they offer a great selection of mind and body classes:
Stroller Fit
Fly <<cannot wait to try this, but a little nervous too>>
Cycle Training

I urge you to check out Flow Yoga, especially for everyone in the Gorge. But honestly, if you are in the Portland area, Hood River is a short (beautiful!) drive, and visiting this studio is well worth it. Better yet, come take a class with me!

// photos provided by Flow Yoga //