family photos // Margaret Jacobsen

Margaret Jacobsen2.jpg

Last month the kids and I had the privilege to have our photos taken by the lovely Margaret Jacobsen. This was my first time meeting Margaret, although I stalk her quite often on Instagram. She is a Portland photographer and has two awesome kids! Her photos are always so well done, and I'm quite pleased on how ours turned out, despite me only getting 3 hours of sleep the night before (hence the dark circles under my eyes. note to self, need new eye moisturizer).

In a few weeks, Margaret will be taking our family photos, which will most likely be used for Holiday cards and gifts. Now sadly, this will be our first time having a professional family picture taken, how bad of a parent does that make me? Anyway, I'm excited, and completely trust Margaret.

But now here is the big question, what does everyone wear? I am definitely not the matchy-matchy type, so you will not be seeing Lola and I in identical dresses. (no big deal if this is you, my apologies)

What did your family wear for your professional photos?

Margaret Jacobsen.jpg