Friday Favorites


Balance. The hardest thing to do. I struggle with it every single day. We were snowed in for a week, and my initial thought was this is going to be great. We'll drink lots of hot chocolate, do some art crafts, play in the snow and just relax. But life doesn't really work that way. I have projects to do, deadlines, bills to pay, and commitments and oh so many obligations. So instead our week looked a little like, me coming up with as many activities as possible to keep the kids busy while I work. In the end, I worked hard, became exhausted and felt like the worst mother possible. 

After a small breakdown on Wednesday after one too many glasses of wine, I decided to take Thursday off. No work, no computer, no constant cellphone alert interruptions. Lola and I decorated her Valentine's Day gifts for her school party. It's amazing how fast she is growing up. She wrote out 21 cards all by herself. When did she get so big! 

Hudson and I dropped off Lola at school for her party and headed to the bakery. Where we (me) had coffee, and each had our very own big ass cookie. For those of you that know me, giving my child a giant sugar cookie is not something I normally do, especially for breakfast. But Thursday I did, and it felt good. Thursday was about saying "yes", cookies for breakfast, bakery dates, and skipping work. I need more Thursdays in my life. 

Here is my Friday favorites list, Valentine's style. Happy Weekend, xxoo!

The cutest shirt for your girl. With the cutest little shoes!

Minnie & Emma make the cutest phone cases. 

Heart- Crusted Apple Pie, Roasted Red D'Anjou Pear Heart Pancakes, and this Heart-shaped Fruit Salad.

Gold Heart Mug

Whole-Grain Mornings, this book is on my list. 

Hot Pink Lovers Juice, I'm so doing this!

Nutella Pudding? oh come on, that is perfect. 

Emi-Jay, the only hair ties Lola will tolerate. 

The perfect water bottle. 

Need a healthy dessert, I love this Easy Vegan Cheesecake!

I'm So Tired. I need this sweatshirt. 

On my list to make, this Grapefruit Roasted Beets, Greens + White Beans with Pistachio Butter. Pistachio butter, genius!

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