My Favorite Margarita


Margaritas are my absolute favorite drink, without a doubt. On the rocks, not blended. And I am hear to tell you that this drink should not be saved for summer time only. That is ridiculous. A margarita can be enjoyed in the rain, with piles of snow outside, or on your closet floor in the dark. Let's be real, I've done that. 

Recently I had the opportunity to experiment with a brand new app, Steller, and I'm completely hooked. Steller allows you to use your photographs and videos to create a beautiful and compelling story. Whether it is a recipe, a DIY, or your latest road trip. It is such a great concept and I am excited for their launch on March 13! 

My first story that I created and shared with Steller, is my margarita recipe. Make one, make one tonight!

makes 1

2 ounces silver 100% agave tequila
3 tablespoons fresh lime juice
2 tablespoons fresh orange juice
1 teaspoon agave nectar
kosher or sea salt
lime wedges to serve

fill jar with ice and all ingredients. put lid on. SHAKE. 

run cut lime wedge along glass rim. fill small plate with sea salt. dip glass into salt and roll it. add ice cubes to glass. strain liquid into glass. garnish with slice of lime. enjoy!