Cherry Farro Salad

I'm a salad girl. Easy. I go to a restaurant, and it's the salad menu that excites me. Well, that and the cocktail menu, of course. But with summer and short weather here, I have been trying to step up my game, and eat 2 salads a day. For lunch as the main course and for dinner alongside whatever else ends up on our plates. For dinner this is easy. But sometimes for lunch, the thought of just eating a salad is depressing. So I took my favorite salad greens, arugula, added a handful of dark sweet cherries, and a big scoop of farro (also, one of my favorite grains). Mixed up some balsamic maple dressing and topped the whole thing off with pecans and feta cheese. Now we're talking, this is a salad to get excited about. I also LOVE this salad with blueberries in place of the cherries. Equally excellent. 

I made this salad for The Fruit Company, click here for the full recipe!