Pineapple Mint Lime Juice

Pineapple Mint Lime Juice

So summer is over, at least, I think it is. Hard to tell with the warmer weather we have been having lately. And while I am busy planning everything fall food related, we have also been enjoying using up the last of our summer fruits and herbs. Tomatoes and basil make a presence on our dinner table, daily. Breakfast has been including all of the berries that we picked over the last few months. Our snacks include peaches, nectarines and handfuls of plums. I guess summer, your not so bad. 

When The Fruit Company asked me to create a recipe with pineapple, that was easy. And so is this recipe. Because my absolute favorite way to enjoy pineapple is simply juiced, with lots of lime and mint. It is extremely refreshing and insanely good. So while I dream of the cooler months ahead, I will be savoring every last drop of summer time foods. 

This recipe was originally created for The Fruit Company. It is perfect as is, a sweet lime flavored juice with bold mint flavor. But feel free to add some seltzer to create a pineapple soda. Or, a little vodka or gin for the perfect cocktail. 

Pineapple Mint Lime Juice

1 large fresh pineapple
3 limes
1 bunch of mint, about 10-12 leaves, plus more for garnish
seltzer water (optional)

Remove the pineapple rind, and cut into 1" pieces. Set aside.

On 2 of the limes, remove the peel and set aside. On the remaining lime, thinly slice for garnish.

If using a juicer, like we did, simple run the pineapple pieces, limes, and mint through. If you do not have a juicer, pulse in a blender until thoroughly combined. Then using a fine mesh strainer, run the drink through the sieve and discard the solids.

Serve over crushed ice with lime slices and mint for garnish.

To make this a fruit juice soda, simply add seltzer water over top.

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