Whiskey Ginger Float featuring Snoqualmie Ice Cream

Whiskey Ginger Float featuring Snoqualmie Ice Cream
Whiskey Ginger Float

From Kindergarten through eighth grade I attended a very small private Catholic school in a small town in central Washington. Where we wore uniforms everyday, walked to public schools near by for PE, since we didn't have a good enough facility of our own, and celebrated the end of every school year at the local community college playing baseball, having a picnic, kissing boys behind trees and drinking root beer floats. Since then floats have always been that comfort food, bring me back to my youth, sort of treat. 

Nowadays I make my own floats with infused simple syrups, like rhubarb or strawberry. Although I won't pass up a classic root beer or even orange cream soda if you have it. And when the lovely people at Snoqualmie Ice Cream reached out to me for a recipe, I immediately knew I wanted to make an adult version of my favorite ice cream drink. 

This recipe is basically a combination of two things I love most, desserts and cocktails. With only a few ingredients and quick to put together, this is a fun drink to make for friends at your next bbq. Because with all of this warm weather the PNW has been having lately, all I want to do is sit outside on the deck, bbq some meat, veggies, and drink a good cocktail. So might as well toss some ice cream in that cocktail and call it dessert too. 

Whiskey Ginger Float

Whiskey-Ginger Float
makes 1

2 ounces whiskey
1 lime wedge
Ginger Beer
Ginger Ice Cream (vanilla would work good too)
Candied Ginger to garnish

Add whiskey and lime juice to lowball glass and stir with a spoon. Add 1 scoop of ginger ice cream and top off with ginger beer. Serve immediately with candied ginger to garnish. 



this post was sponsored by Snoqualmie Ice Cream


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