Quick Pickling

Last month I partnered with the lovely Sarah of Marshall's Haute Sauce to co-teach a Pickling + Styling Workshop in Portland, Oregon. Ever since that day of pickling, snacking, wine drinking and styling, I have been pickling just about everything. The key for me, is to not go over board though. Because really, I could pickle it all and fill my fridge with 20 plus jars. So what I started doing is making 1 jar a week, sometimes 2. Typically keeping one pickle spicy, and the other slightly sweeter. My husband and I devour the spicy variety, while my kids go crazy for anything sweet or infused with dill. 

Here are a few great articles on quick pickling:
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Quick Pickled Zucchini - and this is one of my most favorite things to make, served with crackers or bread and a good smear of goat cheese. 

And many thanks to DeNoble Farms for sponsoring the workshop and providing us with your gorgeous produce!

Ashley Marti