Grilled Romaine with Caesar, Focaccia Croutons, and Anchovies

This weekend was spent soaking in the last few days of summer, or so what it feels like. The temperature might suggest that it will be 80 for the day, but the mornings are spent bundled up with sweaters, boots and rain jackets, while the evenings are quickly becoming too cold to work in the garden. Now let me be clear, I welcome all of these changing. Apple picking (which we did and loved over the weekend), making soup, wearing scarves, football, soccer Saturdays, are all some of my most favorite activities. And while I am ready for the cooler season, I will miss all of the summer ingredients that you desire all year long. So over the next few weeks I will be eating everything tomato, grilling everything in the kitchen, and eating my fair share of this caesar romaine salad

Recipe can be found here. All photos from David Reamer on a recent shoot that I styled for New Seasons Market. 

Ashley Marti