On Set with Local Haven Featuring; Headwaters, Imperial + The Crown from Portland

Local Haven creates and offers an array of services in regard to food styling. From Creative Direction to the creation of visually compelling stories for cookbooks, restaurants, and artist alike, a weekly recap of a behind the scenes look at Local Haven's week.

This is a behind the scenes look at Local Haven's shoot with Headwaters, Imperial and The Crown in Portland, Oregon with local photographer Nolan Calisch.

Imperial was a great shoot for showcasing casual food in a great setting. Plus I'm obsessed with their cornbread. 

Imperial’s Instagram


The Crown was a bit different than our usual photo shoots as it really showcased the making of the pizza which makes it more of a lifestyle shot. Very fun and very delicious.

The Crown’s Instagram


Shooting Headwaters was a lot of fun because it's very hands on. When shooting fresh fish, obviously lots of ice is involved.

Headwater’s Instagram