Super Bowl Sandwich, Inside a Food Stylist's Fridge + The Perfect Avocado Egg Sandwich #SundayGoals


#FORESTHAVEN is moving along and I have obsessively been reading every article on Remodelista, like this one

I am making this sandwich today.

And to be healthier, I want to make this sandwich next Sunday too.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I am really loving Kait Hurley’s workouts and meditation. It is just what I have always been looking for.

I made this last week, and want to eat it every day.

Slowly been incorporating adaptogens into my daily routine. What are your favorites?

Avocado + Egg Sandwich

My favorite farmer and friend made these Cashew + Cardamom Date Balls!

See inside a Food Stylist’s fridge, hey that’s me!

I bought this sweet mug for myself last weekend. #birthdaygoals