Fig, Mozzarella + Prosciutto Salad

Fig, Mozzarella + Prosciutto Salad

Summer time is the epitome of the no-recipe, recipe style cooking that I like to do. Where I lean on high quality proteins, in season vegetables and fruit, some good cheeses, plain yogurt for sauces, and always adding in herbs at the end.

And while I am loving all of the new produce that is popping up at the farmers market, I am patiently/un-patiently waiting for tomato season. So until then, I am taking my love for a traditional caprese salad and creating fun alternates. For example, this strawberry caprese that my whole family went wild for.

Strawberry Caprese

But to make a little bit more of a meal out of it, I added prosciutto to this fig version. And while you can (and should), grill up some bread, this is lovely served just as is. My kids like a good drizzle of balsamic vinegar over theirs. Just like the strawberries, the figs can be replaced with any other fruit. I especially love stone fruits in this combination, leaning on plums, apricots, peaches, pluots, you name it! So good.

So use this recipe, as a no-recipe, recipe. Serving for one, just do 1 mozzarella ball, add prosciutto, or leave it out. Add a fruit, maybe a variety. Always drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, and then please add handfuls of basil.

Fig, Mozzarella + Prosciutto Salad
serves 4 small plates

4-6 Figs (stone fruit also works really well), cut into wedges
2-3 fresh mozzarella balls
3 ounces prosciutto
handful of fresh basil
olive oil
freshly ground pepper
flaky salt

Start by hand tearing fresh mozzarella and scattering around the platter. Think of these as large bite size. Then create little prosciutto bundles and tuck those around the torn mozzarella. Add in the fig wedges. Drizzle olive oil over top, the more the better. Add freshly ground pepper and flaky salt. Lastly add fresh basil.

This can be served as is, or serve alongside grilled bread, or large sturdy crackers. Might be nice to have a small bottle of balsamic near by for those that like that, my kids sure do.

Fig, Mozzarella + Prosciutto Salad