pea shoots


One of my favorite things about joining a CSA is trying new food that I wouldn't normally buy. This last week we received a bag of pea shoots and I quickly discovered how fantastic they are. Next time you see them at your local farmer's market or in the store, give them a try!

Pea shoots have amazing health benefits. They have seven times more Vitamin C than blueberries. Eight times more Folic Acid than bean sprouts. And four times more Vitamin A than tomatoes.

You can eat them raw in a salad. Use them in your sandwich in place of lettuce. Add to your stir-fry. Put them in your risotto. On top of your curry, or like we did last week, on top of fried rice. Saute them. Puree them. Juice them. Blend them.  


Home-made bread topped with egg salad, smoked paprika and pea shoots


Leek omelet topped with pea shoots, goat cheese and sriracha 


Smoothie: pea shoots, banana, chia seeds and honey 

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