Kids Fall Activities // Zutano

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The past two weeks, the Pacific Northwest has out done itself. The weather has been absolutely beautiful. It truly is my favorite time of year, because really, look at all of these colors. We have been traveling a lot the past month to Portland about every 3-4 days, but to tell you the truth, I have minded it one bit. The drive through the Gorge during the fall time is pure perfection. The mountains, the river, the color of the trees, it is exactly why I love the Pacific Northwest.  

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Since the weather has been warm, at least warm for fall time, we have been playing a lot outside. It's great how easy it is to find fun activities for the kids during this time of year. I swear they could play in the leaves for hours.  

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Lola: Old Navy Dress, Minnetonka Double Fringe Boots, Zutano Shaggy Vest, Opposite of Far Mask
Hudson: Zutano Reversible Hoodie , Zutano Toddler Terry Boardwalk Pant, Freshly Picked Moccasins

Zutano was kind enough to send Lola and Hudson some of the new pieces from their collection. Zutano was not a new brand for our family. Lola has been wearing several Zutano items every since she was a baby, and now same with Hudson. As a mom it has always been important to me, to have quality items for my children. Clothes that I can count on, through the mud, the playgrounds, the washing machine, and Zutano has been just that. They make high quality items that are unique and adorable. Plus, my kids always love the fun bright colors.

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Besides gathering endless amounts of leaves to run and jump in, or simply lay in for Hudson, we have always, ALWAYS loved going to the pumpkin patch. And when I say we, I mean me. I've never missed a year. I love everything about it. The corn maze, picking the right pumpkin, drinking fresh apple cider, buying way too many apples at the pumpkin patch market. It's the best and it is one of my favorite reasons I love the fall. So obviously once I had kids I knew that going every year would be a fun family tradition.  

And while we definitely had fun, it was a little more of a challenge this year going on my own with Lola and Hudson. Note to self, don't do that again. Ok, it wasn't that bad. Hudson fell in the mud within minutes, Lola couldn't decide on the right pumpkin, and then Hudson dropped a large pumpkin on my toe. But they loved it. And no matter how stressful it was, it was a great time.

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Lola: Zutano Long Sleeve Screen Tee, Zutano Mandarin Matchstick Jeans
Hudson: Zutano Wesleyan Pullover, Zara Jeans

How cute is Hudson's pullover. It is thick and soft, which is perfect for our cooler weather. Lola's pants are one of my favorites, the fun bright orange and the extra thick material, they are great for any 4 year old.

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This post is sponsored by Zutano. They provided me with the adorable clothing for Lola and Hudson. All thoughts and opinions are my own.