Picnic lunch with Hudson // Wean Green

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Hudson is almost 19 months now (how did that happen?) and everyday I struggle a little that he doesn't get that same attention that Lola had earlier on. Lola was 3 1/2 when Hudson was born. She had 3 1/2 years all to herself. We would take her swimming, to music class, to the park almost daily. She was my sidekick for everything I did. And now the truth of it is, Hudson just does not get that same daily attention that Lola had for all of those years, and that breaks my heart. Does he know what he is missing out on? These are the things that keep me up at night!

Now that Lola is going to school most days of the week, him and I have more time for the 2 of us. That combined with me trying to work at every moment he is sleeping or eating. I am coming to realize that it will not be the same as when Lola was younger. We simply cannot do all of those activities with me trying to work from home and now having 2 kids. So we do what we can to make our days fun and what this little man has taught me, is that in order to have fun, he doesn't need fancy toys or to be enrolled in every activity class, he is 100% happy with whatever we do. Going for a walk turns into this giant adventure. A simple game of hide-n-seek, he could do for hours. And now, that the weather is much colder, we have turned our lunch into indoor picnics, and he loves it.

Wean Green provided us with these very cool glass food containers and their cookbook for introducing your child to solids. We love using glass containers for all of our left-overs, lunch storage, and traveling. These wean bowls are the perfect size, with an easy snapping lid. Which to tell you the truth, seems to be never the case with glass-ware. The lids are so easy to take on and off that Lola has no trouble when I pack her lunches in them. I feel so much better about using glassware than your typical storage containers, especially when it comes to re-heating your food. Wean Green is completely freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe.

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With the cookbook that Wean Green sent us, we made a large batch of applesauce. I sometimes forget how much I actually really like applesauce, too often I think it is child's food, but honestly, it's good stuff! I love that their recipe does not add any sugar, which makes it the perfect snack for Hudson and Lola. I like to stir it into my greek yogurt or oatmeal. Yum!

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This post was sponsored by Wean Green. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Hudson approved.