A simple DIY: Giving Thanks

TFC rosemary cards3.JPG

I love this little simple DIY for the Holidays. It takes about 5 minutes to make, cost around $3, and it tons of fun at the dinner table. Lola took this activity very seriously, listing out each of her friends on her place setting card. Too cute.

DIY Rosemary Place Card Setting: Giving Thanks

White Notecards 3x5 - 1x person
Hole Punch
Rosemary - cut into 4” pieces
Black Pen

Punch your holes ½” in on both sides. Cut your rosemary into 4” pieces, removing some of the leaves on both ends. Measure down 2” from the top and in big print write your guests name. Below that, write the message that you wish to share. Carefully insert the rosemary through both holes. Put the place card setting on everyone’s plate and encourage them to play along.

TFC rosemary cards.JPG
TFC rosemary cards2.JPG
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