DIY: black + gold chair

I have a really long list of projects that I want to do. And when I mean long, I mean pages. But it's hard to ever make the time to do some of these projects, they just don't rank up there in my top priorities. So I have been sorting through some of these DIY's that I have been wanting to try, and slowly picking out some of the more simple one's, like this chair.  

It is a simple $3 garage sale chair that I sanded, taped off the legs, spray painted it black, and then spray painted the legs gold. Easy. Affordable. Cute!

Black + Gold Chair: 

chair (or a bar stool!)
painters tape
black spray paint (I used Rust-Oleum 2x Ultra Cover Paint & Primer)
gold spray paint (I used Rust-Oleum Metallic Paint & Primer In One)

First, sand your chair. I found this best to do outside. After you have sanded it down, take a damp cloth and wipe it all down. Let it dry.

Measure the bottom of the legs and tape off the section that you want gold. Lightly (very lightly) spray paint the chair black. It is really important to do this with a light hand, otherwise the paint will begin to drip and leave streaks. For the black, I did 4 very light coats, letting the paint fully dry before the next layer. Once I was satisfied with the black layer, I removed the tape. I then placed newspaper around the black portion of the legs and taped it on. Lightly spray the legs gold. Wait for it do dry, and do another layer. I only needed 2 coats of gold, but do more if your chair was darker. Wait for it to fully dry. Remove the newspaper and tape.


I would love to know, what are your easy, simple, and affordable DIY's? Like I need more projects to add to my list... 

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