Flow Yoga // week 4


Alright, so how many of you have tried a cycling/spinning class? I had always read about the classes in Shape and Woman's Health. Or of course, seen them in movies, where the girlfriends all get together on Saturday mornings to gossip about their night while the teacher yells at them to pedal harder. I wasn't sure what to think of cycling. Yet alone, how to prepare myself. And after about 5 minutes I realized, there is no preparing yourself. That shit is hard.

I always thought that my legs were strong. I mean, when Jake, my friend Meaghan and I did our 30 day squat challenge last month, I didn't think the squats were that bad. Well, not as bad as the 30 day ab challenge. But I was mistaken, I've got some weak legs! So I went to my first class last week. The teacher was awesome. She set me up and kept me motivated the whole class. What she didn't know, was I thought I was going to fall over. Good thing my feet were strapped in, otherwise, who knows. But here's the thing, I went back last night for my second class, and loved it. Don't get me wrong, I did plenty of cussing in my head, but this time, the music was right and I was ready to kick some ass. We'll see how I feel after tomorrow's class.

Last week after my first cycling class, I also took a Fly class immediately after. Now I will have to admit, I didn't realize the class was back to back. After cycling I was ready to waddle my way to my car and call it a night. But next thing I knew everyone was headed for round 2. So of course I went, and I am so glad that I did. Because a Fly class, that is cool! I liked it so much I wish it was longer than 45 minutes. The class was over and I was wanting to do more. Now that doesn't happen very often. I highly recommend looking into this class.

Throughout the week I also took another Hot Yoga class and Flow Yoga. I'm torn between which one I like better. But at this point, I feel they go hand in hand. Friday at 4:30 I take Hot Yoga with the amazing Lora. And even though I really like it, on Saturday mornings my body is feeling a little sore, so I love having Flow Yoga at 8am to help strengthen and relax all of my muscles.

As for my eating. I am bringing back overnight oats. It's official. The thing is, I am a breakfast person. I wasn't always this way. Definitely not in high school or college. But the thing is, when I left college, and was determined to change my eating habits, adding breakfast to my diet was a huge element. With the past two weeks, seeming busier than ever, I realized this morning that I have not had breakfast in over a week. There just wasn't time for it. And I think my body noticed. Even though I have been doing a great job of working out 5x/week. I still have felt sluggish. So as I type write now, my overnight oats are soaking and waiting for me in the morning. No excuses.

(photo provided by Flow Yoga)