in my bag // Little Looker Shop


What do you keep in your handbag? Here is mine, and what I think of as "my essentials". Now yes, I do have two kids, but I try to keep their stuff in our diaper bag and mine in my handbag. I feel this works easier and goes faster for when I am searching for what I need.

I like to keep my ear buds with me, because I feel like you never know when you will be stuck waiting around for something or somebody. Of course I always, always have to have my sunglasses. Being a mom, the odds of me having my make-up on before noon doesn't come likely. Sunglasses are the perfect cover-up. Rosebud Salve is the best lip balm there is. The end. PS, works great for diaper rashes too, just make sure not too double dip. Gross.

My gold watch is apart of my daily outfit, I feel naked without it. But I can't wear it while I work out, so it always ends up in my bag. Up until 2 years ago I never wore lipstick. I was always a lip gloss girl. Now I tend to only wear lipstick, and this NARS velvet matte lip pencil in "Cruella" is amazing. Put it on heavy for a dark sexy red lip. Or, put it over your lip balm for a more natural lip stain. Now, as much as I try to take care of my skin, my under eyes have always been my "problem area". It seems they have gotten much worse after two kids, go figure. I don't like a lot of make-up on my skin. I hardly ever wear foundation. But this Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch is crazy good. It takes away the shadows yet brightens the skin underneath. This has become my go-to thing for getting ready fast in the morning.

And of course, you have to have your keys. But more importantly, check out that super cute tassel key chain! I am obsessed. I love the color and design, so chic. Make sure to check out Little Looker Shop for the key chains. They come in so many great colors, below are just a few that they offer. Made from 100% genuine leather with a stainless steal key ring. The best part, they are made in the USA. Little Looker Shop not only makes these must have key chains. They also offer hair accessories for you and your little one and the cutest little moccasins!


Happy Friday, hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend.