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Ok, truth, I'm ready for fall right now. I thought it was here, and then this week happened. Yesterday was 102 degrees. I hated it. I'm sure as a parent that goes against every rule in the book. Kids are suppose to love summer. And although my kids do like the warm weather, swimming, running around half naked outside, fall time is where it is at. Hot weather can be hard on the kids, and especially the mama's. There are large chunks of the day where it is too hot to go outside. And if my kids are outside too long in the sun, there is a special kind of crankiness that happens. So I'm over it. Bring me the cool fall time weather that I love and miss PNW. I'm talking sweaters, scarves, boots, football, hot chocolate kind of weather. In all honestly, there might be rain and everything, but I think it's easier to do outside activities with your kids in the cool weather.

So this house is ready. Lola and Hudson got new rain boots. We are pulling out the sweaters and packing up the shorts. It's time to start layering, which is why I am completely in love with the kids new vests from Camp Wolf. Because really, in the PNW, a vest is where it's at. When the weather is getting colder, but you don't necessarily need a heavy jacket. Vests are my go to for me and my kids. And could a vest get much cooler than these? No, not really.

Camp Wolf is a super cool new company that comes from Portland, Oregon. Their website will be launching in a few days and I urge you to check it out. I love locally designed and made products, especially for my kids. Being from the PNW, I'm a sucker for Pendleton wool!


My interview with the amazing ladies behind Camp Wolf: Cora + Cristin

How did you come up with the concept for Camp Wolf? 

My son, Miles Waylon Wolf, was my biggest inspiration for starting Camp Wolf. I wanted him to have awesome vests and jackets to wear to match his cool personality, and I wanted them to be durable enough to withstand his active lifestyle. The name Camp Wolf is a combination of our love of the outdoors and my son's middle name. I live in Portland Oregon and all of the Pendleton wool we use in our jackets and accessories is made and bought right here in Oregon.

I love  seeing all of the jackets and vests on your instagram feed. And of  course Lola loves her vests. What other products will you carry?

Our denim jackets and vests are really special!   They've been hand-picked from all over the country, and are upcycled  using authentic Pendleton wool.  In addition, our shop will carry  graphic tees and handmade accessories for kids, including hair bows and  and bow ties (for girls AND boys!)  We're always brainstorming though,  and we look forward to adding new & exciting things to the shop on a pretty regular basis!

What will the sizes be for Camp Wolf?

Because we use found denim for our jackets and  vests, sizes might vary from time to time depending on what we're able  to find. But we try to offer a consistent range between newborn - 6/7y .  Our t-shirts will be stocked in sizes 12m - 6/7y.

I love Cristin's blog! How did you two collaborate?

We met on Instagram, actually! Cristin sent me a package of amazing handmade goods including a custom embroidered illustration of Miles, a stuffed dinosaur and a few hair bows for myself. After receiving them, I immediately knew that she was a special talent and just had to have her be a part of Camp Wolf.  I asked her if she'd be interested in becoming my accessories designer, and she agreed! We are both stay at home moms to crazy, wonderful boys and just really got each other!  Our partnership has just kind of developed naturally, and we work really well together.  I honestly couldn't have done this without her.

The photos of your house on instagram are amazing, very unique. What are your favorite thrift stores in Portland?

Thanks so much! I love thrifting and decorating my home and find a lot of gems from local antique stores and thrift shops. I grew up in a really amazing, eclectic home and have inherited my mom's taste of finding unique treasures. My favorite shops here in Portland are Antique Alley (where I also sell vintage goods), House of Vintage and Value Village.

Your boy, Miles, seems like a pretty cool kid. What sort of things do you two do together?

Miles is the raddest little dude! He's my right hand man (besides my sweetie), my best pal and so much fun to be around. We love to hang at our local parks, go on lunch dates to our favorite burrito joint and thrift, of course!

When does Camp Wolf launch? And where can everyone go to check it out?! will be launching on September 15 at noon PST!  Bookmark it now and mark your calendars!  We are SO excited to share everything we've been working on!

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The past few days we have been hanging out at Jake's parents house. Lucky for these kids they not only have horses (which is Hudson's latest obsession. best horse noise ever) they also have one pretty impressive garden. Check out the size of those pumpkins!

We have out new vests, boots, and our pumpkins. Fall, we are ready!