new beginnings


Summer is over. Well, sort of. It's suppose to be 96 degree here today, so its kind of confusing. But for miss Lola, summer is over. This week school began, PreK for this kid, I can't even believe it. Look at her, she is getting so big. A little lady. When I hold her, I swear, her feet almost touch the ground. And I'm not sure what's going on the past 9 months, be we are going through a serious growth spurt. Poor thing is getting terrible growing pains like I did. We are also blasting through our clothes and especially shoes!

Pre-K, that means next year is Kindergarten. How did this all happen? She loves school. Her teachers, her friends, playing outside, and just maybe getting that break from her little brother. How long does this last, that she loves school? I hope it never goes away. In the morning, she is the first one up, so getting her ready for school is never hard. I swear she is the first one out the door so she can get to school even sooner. Please don't change Lola!


Besides the new school year beginning we also have ballet starting back up again. She loves seeing all of her ballet friends, and really, there isn't anything much cuter than a group of 4 year old girls in pink ballet slipper and tutus, giggling and twirling. This is a big year for Lola in ballet, for her first time she will be in the Nutcracker this winter. It is all she can talk about.  

And did I mention we are doing soccer this year as well? It's her first time and somehow I was talked into coaching. I haven't played soccer since I was 5. This will be fun. Well, it actually was ok. We had our first practice last week. Thank god Jake was there to help. But I did not appreciate him photographing me doing jumping jacks. Not nice Jake.

So now with school, ballet and soccer our days are pretty busy. Lola would love to do swimming as well, but with how our schedule already is, it feels impossible to add one more activity in. Luckily soccer only lasts through the fall. But I always am wondering, how many activities is too many activities? She loves them all! Last year we had her make a couple decisions on her own, because obviously, you can't do everything.

How many days a week do your children participate in outside activities?


shirt: Peek 'Ava' Top // on sale for $12.97!
sandals: Saltwater Sandals
neck warmer: Christin Ritz (this one is actually mine, but Lola has a matching one in blue)
jacket: GAP