Friday Favorites

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Spring Break! I am completely thrilled to not have any school or activity functions for the next week. To kick off our mini-vacation, instead of working today, the kids at I went to the Oregon Zoo. Yep, me and these 2 kids. No other adults, no stroller, no carriers. It Because today is say yes Friday. We took our time walking around the whole zoo, ate fries for lunch, and drank a lot of juice (very rare for us, I'm a water and milk kind of mom). Basically, it was the perfect day. 

Here is my Friday favorites list. Happy Weekend, xxoo!

I have been thinking about falafel non-stop lately, looking forward to making this Spring Onion Falafel with Millet 

Like I need another kale salad, but I'm simply obsessed. 

Marshmallow Instagram Cake Toppers....enough said. 

This could be the perfect sandwich.

Love finding new ways to use Miso Paste. 

Ginger Soy Glazed Parsnips with Wilted Green

Still thinking about the cocktails from The Heathman

Ashley Marti