Celebratory Banana Cake

Banana Cake

Today was Lola's first day of Kindergarten. She did great. No hesitation, joined right in with the other kids and didn't even look back. Which was slightly hard, but really, I'm just proud. She is a shy kid and new environments, especially giant new schools, can really intimidate her. We had a few problems over the summer with some of the camps she attended. Having a great time once the day began, but clung on to my leg when it was time for me to go. But not this morning. She was up early, picking out her outfit, writing her initials on all of her school supplies, and packing her backpack. 

Even though it is extremely hard watching her grow up so fast and now off to big kid school. I can't help but feel happy, proud, and excited for her new adventure. 

Yesterday, in celebration of our last day of summer and Lola's first day of kindergarten, we made this banana cake and smothered it with caramel vanilla butter sauce. The cake was extremely moist. I loved how the outside kind of crisped up, but the inside was completely smooth and buttery. Also, Hot Cakes sauces are my favorite. Swirled into my coffee, eaten by the spoonful, or drizzled (poured) onto cake.