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I feel completely exhausted. Partially due to the fact that my 2 year old slept in the bed with us and kicked me in the face the majority of the night. And the fact that I recently returned from a 4 day eating fest at Feast Portland (pictures below of my trip), which was amazing and you should all plan on attending next year. But, I just feel like I have been running myself thin. The entire summer was rushed. Too many projects were accepted, summer camps occupied every moment.

And now it is officially fall. Which by the way, hello fall, so lovely to see you. So far, fall is turning out to be just like summer, except now my girl is in school so we have even more activities. I'm feeling 100% run down. There isn't enough coffee to keep me going, and because of that, I'm feeling like everything (not really, but sometimes) is just not quite what it should be. My parenting, my work, the cleanliness of my house, my endless to-do list. So here it is. I don't think I will ever change. I mean, I have this need to please everyone. To accept all projects that come my way. But something has to change. For today, I will enjoy the little things. Make a batch of soup. Go for a walk in the rain. And shut down my phone as frequently as possible. I would love to know, what keeps you balanced? How do you, do it all? 

MY WEEK IN PHOTOS...from Feast Portland, to embracing the change of seasons. 

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