On Set with Local Haven Featuring WYLD Bread + Virtuous Pie


Local Haven creates and offers an array of services in regard to food styling. From Creative Direction to the creation of visually compelling stories for cookbooks, restaurants, and artist alike, a weekly recap of a behind the scenes look at Local Haven's week.

This is a behind the scenes look at Local Haven's shoot with WYLD Bread +Virtuous Pie


Wyld Bread was a particularly fun shoot because it was the first time shooting a lifestyle shot in Local Haven's new studio. We shoot so many in-studio photos of only props or food items,  it is nice to mix it up and create lifestyle photo with people and a story.

WYLD Bread Instagram


Virtuous Pie has an established brand with a very recognizable look. For these projects, we take their creative direction but are given the freedom to experiment with different scenes and compositions to feature their new menu items. It has been a great partnership and we have enjoyed creating content for their only U.S. location.

Virtuous Pie Instagram